Conflict.  Opportunity

Conflict just 'is'. What we each choose to do with the conflict we are faced with determines the direction we take our lives; whether we choose hope or fear. Conflict by its very nature contains opportunity. This is true for individuals, and for relationships. If you are looking for extra support or guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, Arizona Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy can provide a safe place to talk. Together, we can find solutions unique to you and your situation. The gift we are given in life, is the freedom to create opportunity.

I work with couples and individuals in counseling with issues of communication, affairs, infertility issues, parenting, stress, depression, anxiety, and grief.  Additionally, I work with diverse communities that including cultural diversity, racial and ethnic diversity and LGBTQ + communities. Communication allows for individual conflicts and couple conflicts to find a way through what can be  confusing times.

Diversity is always welcomed.